48 40 46h ( 18.5 x 15.5 x 18”h )

multi-ply + common tulipwood

black-oxide Xlarge thumbscrew+socket head cap screws, iron wingnut

water-based clear-coat poly finish

There are so many reasons to choose bench seating: Benches are simple, restaurant-y, workshop-ish. Deleting the chair back frees vertical space contributing to your very modern minimal look. The low profile allows a bench to be stowed completely under the table. Setting your things on a chair seems messy_a bench can instantly become a side table guilt-free. Benches are less expensive than chairs. And you can't slouch on a bench. But benches are big, right?

Enter benchlet_a personal bench segment. Use one alone at a desk, in matched pairings in an entranceway, or in large groups around a dining table. Easy to configure, light enough to move around, heavy enough to sit securely where you put them. The front legs are joined to the rear legs with mortise and tenon side stretchers and pegged in place with threaded black oxide socket head cap screws. The top sets on tabs in the apron and is held in tension to the resulting chassis by an Xlarge wingnut on an equally massive black oxide thumbscrew that runs from the top reveal through an undercarriage springboard. Assembly and disassembly are easy allowing for flat-pack shipping and storage. An off-center cut-out slot in the top is multi-functional: convenient handle, point of visual interest, incoming bill filing...A protective water-based clear coat finish highlights the natural colors of the tulipwood and keeps the true white top white.