4250 USD

Studio, office, kitchen, dining room_a table is fundamentally a work surface. Whether the work is plain or fancy, clean or messy, a table is meant to be used. The top is simple, squared off, an inch thick in durable white colored multi-ply, a perfect frame, a support for the business that goes on above. The tulipwood legs are strong and straight with a gentle turn inward at the ankle and then, only then a flourish, a decoration_ankle socks and shoes of alternately set blocks of opposing end grain. More often than not, I design for disassembly. A table that won't go up the stairs is useless. This table is divided down the middle: dual leg assemblies are joined at a center yoke. The entire chassis is suspended from the top piece like a bridge, four parts in total. The joints are traditional_mortise and tenon throughout. The joint locks on the other hand are modern industrial. Extra large, black oxide hardware is extremely sexy. A protective water-based clear coat finish highlights the natural colors of the tulipwood and keeps the true white top white. I offer as a starting point this table in common materials elevated, never more simple, modern and minimal. Pure form speaking solo proudly. You won't die if your kids draw on it. Your stark white room will embrace it. Your budget is safe. Made to order, custom sizing is negotiable.

196 64 74h (77” x 25” x 29”h)

multi-ply, common tulipwood, black-oxide bolts+nuts+washers, water-based clear-coat poly finish